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Fishing report November 30, 2021

Dolores ~ Uncompahgre ~ San Miguel ~ Gunnison

San Miguel (50-80cfs)  The best fishing in the region is currently found on the San Miguel River.  Nights in the teens may slow the fishing for a day or two at a time, but in general, we're enjoying consistent fishing on nymphs and frequent episodes of strong dry fly fishing in the afternoons.  It seems crazy, but trout will still rise from considerable depth for a Parachute BWO, Parachute Adams or other size #16-#18 dry fly that suggests a mayfly, especially in slow water.  Mayfly nymphs are the most effective droppers in late fall, but the venerable Pat's Rubber Legs and San Juan Worm will consistently catch fish as well.

Dolores (20-40 cfs below Rico, 40-100 cfs at Dolores)  Honestly, it's time to put this river to bed for the season.  Still fishable in places, ice will soon cover most of the main branch and West Fork Dolores.  

Uncompahgre (44 cfs):  Midges will be the primary hatch from now through late winter.  Fish want a small, technical, non-bead pattern fished on 6X, preferrably fluoro.  Sightcast when possible or run your flies through deep water with faith that heavy fish are scrutinizing every aspect of your presentation.

Gunnison (335 cfs in the Black Canyon):  From this point forward, our fishing will focus on the Lower Gunnison River, up and down from Gunnison River Pleasure Park.  Spotty BWO mayfly hatches will accompany midge hatches into late December, providing the occasional dry fly opportunity for the prospecting angler.  If you encounter rising fish, approach them in a long, light and technical manner.  Streamer fishing will certainly produce some action in December, but nymphing during the middle of the day with a host of smallish mayfly, nymph and caddis patterns will be the most consistent method.  It's still relatively warm and beautiful down there, so enjoy the remnants of falltime on the Gunnison!

Miramonte Reservoir:  Our favorite stillwater remains fishable!  Throw streamers over zones of changing depth or sight cast large terrestrials to trout along deep water rock structure.  This won't last forever, but it's still worth your time, especially from mid-day through evening.


Dolores River private leases:  check back in late February as the Dolores wakes up for spring.


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