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Fishing report October 12, 2021

Dolores ~ Uncompahgre ~ San Miguel ~ Gunnison

San Miguel (70-100cfs)  The best fishing in the region is currently found on the San Miguel River.  Nights in the teens may slow the fishing for a day or two at a time, but in general, we're enjoying consistent fishing on nymphs and frequent episodes of strong dry fly fishing when bugs come off in the afternoon.  Fish a wide variety of single dry flies or go dry-dropper, like most of the guides.  Best single dries include small Stimulator and Para X patterns, Parachute BWO, Parachute Adams and other mid-sized general imitators.  On occassion, an afternoon midge hatch mesmerizes the fish into small-fly mode, a rare event on the San Miguel.  Solve these fish with a Griffiths Gnat in the size #20-#22 range.  Mayfly nymphs constitute the most effective droppers in October, when blue winged olives are the predominant hatch.  Our favorite dropper nymphs include small soft hackles, the Mayhem, Two Bit Hooker, Military Mayfly, Splitback Emergers and other similar fare, mostly in the size #16-20 range.  Larger nymphs work very well following high, dirty water. 

Dolores (25-50 cfs below Rico, 60-120 cfs at Dolores)  Fishing on the Dolores rises and falls with rain.  Stayed tuned to daily weather and flow fluctuations.  Fish activate on the clearing edge of higher water.  Fish small flies on light leaders, including BWO mayfly imitations and a variety of terrestrials in the size #16-20 range.  Nymphs should be sparse and drab, representing the predominant menu item of the fall season:  blue winged olive mayflies.

Uncompahgre (69 cfs):  Midges will be the primary hatch from now through late winter.  Fish want a small, technical, non-bead pattern fished on 6X, preferrably fluoro.  Sight cast when possible or run your flies through deep water with faith that heavy fish are scrutinizing every aspect of your presentation.

Gunnison (350 cfs):  Water clarity has been a variable as intermittent heavy rains have caused minor flash floods in the Black Canyon and dirty water downstream.  Streamers have been highly effective but match-the-hatch fishing has been spotty.  Pull streamers, especially the large and articulated. 

Miramonte Reservoir:  Our favorite stillwater has come back alive for the fall.  It's mostly a streamer and attractor dry fly game, targeting sighted fish or working the rocky dropoffs around favored edges.


Dolores River private leases:  Excellent fishing is available on Lightenburger, Cascabel, Roaring Fork, Akin and our other exclusive private leases.  Please inquire for availability and specific water recommendations.


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