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Great fishing at Pa-Co-Chu-Puc

By admin - Posted on 14 May 2011

May 11, 2011 -- Great fishing on the Uncompahgre

Water conditions are perfect at Pa-Co on the Uncompahgre (288 cfs).  The reservoir is empty and runoff is really just beginning, so we might have another week or two of low flows.  I guided two anglers at Pa-Co on Tuesday this week and we caught fish all day long, mostly on midges and mayfly patterns.  Fish were free-rising in back eddies, so we caught our share of dry fly fish.  Typical fish were rainbows in the 10-15" class, but we hung one brown that measured an honest 20".  Overall, we felt that it was very strong fishing for mid-May. -- John Warren, T.O. guide.


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