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By admin - Posted on 02 June 2012

June 3, 2012: Telluride Outside buys Dave's Snowmobile Tours

After a 12-year hiatus, Telluride Outside is back in the snowmobile tour guiding business.  This spring, Telluride Outside acquired the snowmobiling portion of Dave's Mountain Tours, a guide service that has operated near Telluride for about 15 years.  Beginning in late November 2012, Telluride Outside will offer daily tours in the spectacular Beaver Park area, just 30 minutes from Telluride.

Complete tour information will be offered on this website within the month, but some of the highlights include:

~ Telluride Outside will upgrade the snowmobile fleet with new model Polaris touring and powder riding machines

~ Riding terrain and trail options will surpass anything previously offered in SW Colorado, including more than 80 miles of groomed trails and powder meadows between Woods Lake, Beaver Park and Dunton Hot Springs.

~ Telluride Outside will offer half day and full day tours for riders of every ability

~ A luxurious Dunton Hot Springs full day tour will be available

~ Door-to-door transportation will be offered for all tours

~ High quality snow suits, boots and helmets will be offered free of charge on all tours

~ Double sleds will be offered to accommodate non-driving riders.

Stay tuned!  More information is coming soon about this exciting guide service!



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