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Telluride Outside Snowmobile Tours in high season

By admin - Posted on 04 February 2014


Powder riding in two feet of fresh snow...more in the forecast
Telluride weather and snow report, February 3rd, 2014:  More than 28" of fresh powder have fallen on the Telluride ski mountain since Friday.  The surrounding area has received copious amounts of snow, recharging winter and setting the stage for the best snowmobiling of the year.  It is snowing again today, and the forecast for Friday is 100% chance of snow.

It must be February in Telluride.  Significant snowfall brings full day tours and advanced powder riding into the forefront.  Telluride Outside has hundreds of acres of gladed park terrain, some of the finest snowmobiling in Colorado.

Advanced Half Day Tour:  This outstanding tour is available only at Telluride Outside.  Our advanced half day gives you three hours of snowmobiling with plenty of time for powder riding in magnificent Beaver Park.  Each advanced tour is customized for our guests.  While some folks book this tour just to ride further and faster, experienced riders will take advantage of extensive off trail riding opportunities in some of Colorado's most scenic and remote powder meadows.

Telluride Outside rides all new model Polaris snowmobiles, including a fleet of 2014 RMK 600 long track machines specifically for powder riding.  Our guides are excellent instructors.  Many customers book this tour to learn how to ride powder and enjoy their first authentic off trail snowmobiling.
Advanced Half Day Tour: $275/single, $360/double
Tour Time: 12:45 pm to 5:30 pm

Dunton Hot Springs Full Day Tour:  Arguably the finest tour in the West, Telluride Outside's full day trip to Dunton combines a world-class ride with the luxury of the legendary hot springs resort.    

Guest review of Dunton Tour, January 2014
     "Our Dunton Hot Springs tour was awesome.  I have spent a lot of time in Telluride, so I recognize most of the peaks near Lizard Head and surrounding Telluride.  On the Dunton tour, I felt like I was in completely different mountains.  It was spectacular and surprising -- I really didn't know where I was.  There is so much to see out there.  Next time we come to Telluride, we aren't even going to ski.  We will just go snowmobiling."  - Greg Mink

The Dunton trail begins at our Fall Creek snow base and crosses 28 miles of forest and alpine meadow between the Wilson and Dolores mountain ranges.  At journey's end lies Dunton, a paradise of rustic refinery, gourmet food and the most regaled hot springs in Southern Colorado.  After a vigorous morning ride, we rest and relax at Dunton, enjoying an exquisite meal and partaking of the 105 degree springs that lend the resort its name.  We then retrace our route to Fall Creek on one of the most scenic snowmobile routes in North America.   

Guides on the divide: The Telluride Outside Dunton Tour

Dunton Full Day tour:  $495/single   $795/double 
        ~ includes tour, lunch and soak
Tour time: 8:30 pickup at your lodge, return between 4:30 and 5:30 pm

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More Daily Snowmobile Tour Options
Family-Friendly Half Day: 8:30-12:30 or 1:15-5:15, $185/single $250/double
Standard Full Day:  8:30-5:30, $375/single $550/double

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*all drivers must be at least 16 years of age with a valid driver's license

**drivers on double sleds must be at least 21 years of age
***minimum age for double rider is 8 years (or a big 6-year-old)


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