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All Guide Services Open for Summer

By admin - Posted on 10 June 2014

30th Anniversary 1984~2014
Mountains and Rivers Open for Business

A strong snowpack promises excellent rafting and long fishing on the Dolores River for Telluride Outside's 31st guiding season.  Passes are opening, our mountain bike trails are clear and Telluride is firing on all cylinders.  Game on. 

Whitewater Rafting
Our home river, the San Miguel, provides terrific rafting opportunities just minutes from Telluride [upper river action this week, below].  With our strong snowpack, the San Miguel will offer thrilling whitewater for several weeks, with family-friendly rafting lingering into mid or even late July.  Today, the San Miguel is running almost 900 cfs, a fast, splashy ride.  Between now and July 1st, rafting is Telluride's can't miss outdoor activity.
Our full rafting menu is available daily:

        ~ Half day Upper River, class III+
        ~ Half Day Lower River, class II+
        ~ Full Day Upper/Lower, class II+ & III+
        ~ Full Day Norwood Canyon, class III

                 [complete rafting information] 

Fly Fishing
Thanks to fast snow melt on the Dolores side of Lizard Head Pass, we already have extensive guided fly fishing opportunities.  The San Miguel is still high and muddy, but the following destinations are at their best: 

        ~ Gurley Creek      1/2 or full day trips, beginner friendly
        ~ Fish Creek Ranch   full day trips, beginner friendly
        ~ Dunton River Camp (formerly "Cresto" Ranch)  1/2 or full day, beginner friendly
        ~ Uncompahgre River   1/2 or full day trips, beginner friendly
        ~ Dolores River tributaries   1/2 or full day trips, beginner friendly
~ Lower Dolores River [photo from this week, below]  full day trips for experienced anglers

Telluride Outside now has 14 exclusive private leases offering the very best fly fishing in all three local watersheds: the San Miguel, Dolores and Uncompahgre.  Please inquire for daily private water options.

We expect superb fishing conditions by late June.  Every part of the Dolores and Uncompahgre should be clear and the San Miguel will start fishing well in early July.

[complete guided fly fishing info]
[exclusive private water menu]

4-WD Tours 
Local passes and high country destinations are opening right on schedule.  Ophir Pass opened last week, the road is now clear to Alta Ghost Town, and Telluride Outside guide Richard Thorpe personally opened the Tomboy Road to the ghost town with nothing more than a hand shovel.  Bridal Veil Falls is booming and the high country is truly stunning in it's snowy shroud.  Here is a status summary for our most popular routes:
black bear pass
            Ophir Pass:  Open
            Tomboy Ghost Town:  Open
            Alta Ghost Town:  Open
            Imogene Pass Summit:  June 25-30
            Black Bear Pass [below]: July 5-10

All Telluride Outside 4-WD tours deliver a heavy dose of mining history, so you're sure to come away a more knowledgeable traveler...or at least a better story teller.  Telluride Outside drives only new model vehicles with highly customized seating platforms.  Safety and comfort are paramount to our guests' experience.

[complete 4-WD touring info]

Mountain Bike Tours
Telluride Outside's Galloping Goose downhill tour has quietly become one of our most popular trips.  Our 17-mile downhill route is now completely snow-free.  It should be noted that this "famous" trail is ideal for riders of any ability, so family and friends of mixed experience are welcome.  Telluride Outside also guides custom mountain biking trips on many of the region's advanced trail systems, including the Alta area, Last Dollar and Beaver Park, and the Mill Creek trail network.

[complete mountain bike tour info]

Photography Tours
We began guiding photography tours in 2010 and now, entering our fifth summer, photography has become a mainstay with several regular guides and a wonderful breadth of subject matter.  Like all Telluride Outside guide services, our photography tours are highly instructional and require no prior experience.  
photo tour
We shoot 12-months a year, so like fly fishing, this guide service is never out of season.

[complete photography tour info]


Call now to book 2014 guide service trips with Telluride Outside.  A huge THANKS to our loyal customers -- we look forward to seeing you in Telluride this summer.  1-800-831-6230


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