Telluride Fishing Report

Fishing Conditions

Report December 23, 2022

Uncompahgre River at Pa Co Chu Puk
Low, clear and techy, the Uncompahgre at Pa Co Chu Puk is our favorite winter hunting ground. Swing a streamer early and late. A modest mid-day midge hatch activates the fish for a couple of hours, providing the astute angler an opportunity to fool heavy trout on well-steered midge patterns.  When the fish seem shy, try non-bead patterns on 6X, potentially fished in combination with a weighted fly to get deeper.  Diminutive midge nymphs fished behind a glo bug or SJ worm can yield better results than double or triple midge rigs because the larger, brighter fly draws the eye of the trout.

As always on the Uncompahgre, fish with your eyes before you fish with your rod.  Stealth, approach and presentation are the keys to success.

San Miguel
Hopelessly frozen on the main branch, the San Miguel is actually quite fishable through the town of Telluride and on parts of Telluride’s valley floor. Throw light nymph rigs with small, bright flies, such as the Zebra Midge, and watch for fish sitting higher in the water column that may be tempted to eat a dry fly.

In December and January, we fish the Gunnison up and down from the North Fork Confluence at Gunnison River Pleasure Park. Midges hatch daily and the Gunnison’s famous riffle waters are a great place to prospect with long, light leaders and carefully chosen flies. Streamers will move a few fish, too, especially the black Wooly Bugger and other dark, modest-sized patterns.

Iced and unfishable until early March.

Miramonte Reservoir: Frozen until mid-April

Dolores River private leases: unfishable until early March


Please call Telluride Outside with your fishing questions. We will be happy to steer you toward our best local fly fishing opportunities. (970) 728-3895