Guided Snowmobile Tours

Choose your snowmobile tour

Family-friendly Half-day

8:15am - noon
1:15pm - 5:00pm
Pricing from $240

Advanced Half-day

8:00am - 1:00pm
12:30pm - 5:30pm
Pricing from $340

Full-day Tour

8:30am - 5:00pm
Lunch at Lone Cone Cabin
Pricing from $675

Double snowmobiles accommodate guests who wish to ride as passengers on all tours.

Snowmobile tour descriptions

Family-friendly Half-day

Family-friendly half-day: Our groomed trails and spacious meadows offer a wonderful variety of terrain for riders of any ability. Inexperienced snowmobilers enjoy classic touring on wide trails with soft edges and gentle corners.  Our family-friendly tour rides approximately 16 miles round-trip, gaining 2,000 vertical feet with grand views of the Wilson Range, Telluride ski area, Sneffels Range, Little Cone mountain and, on a clear day, the La Sals in eastern Utah.  Safety and comfort are emphasized at every juncture while enjoying this spectacular winter adventure.  This tour is approximately 4 hours door-to-door, 2 hours on the snow. Double snowmobiles accommodate guests who wish to ride as passengers.

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Advanced Half-day

Advanced half day: Experienced snowmobilers are in for a treat. Telluride Outside rides hundreds of acres of advanced terrain in Beaver Park and the Black Mesa area, highlighted by the rolling hills and glades of "The Circus." Our Advanced half day tour starts on the same trails as our family-friendly tour, but with 3 hours on the snow we have plenty of time to ride beyond the standard trail into the wide open meadow country of Beaver Park.  The mileage and speed of our advanced tours varies with the ability and interest of each customer group, but everyone enjoys the opportunity to open up the machines and ride some powder. This tour is approximately 5 hours door-to-door, 3 hours on the snow. Double snowmobiles accommodate guests who wish to ride as passengers.

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Full-day Tour

Full day Lone Cone Cabin:  Telluride Outside is proud to offer a special full day snowmobile tour to Lone Cone Cabin, an excursion that combines the best trail riding in the region with a freshly prepared hot lunch at an authentic backcountry location high in the San Juan Mountains.  Nestled just 14 miles from our Fall Creek snowbase, the historic Lone Cone Cabin, or "Guard Station," provides a fantastic winter retreat.  Easy to access regardless of trail conditions, all riders can experience Telluride's magnificent backcountry with the comforts of a wood burning stove and gourmet hot lunch. Double snowmobiles accommodate guests who wish to ride as passengers.

Lone Cone Cabin
4 Stroke Ski Doo Snowmobiles

4-Stroke Ski-Doo Grand Touring snowmobiles

Cleaner, quieter and safer!  Our new model snowmobiles emit up to 90% less carbon dioxide and are much quieter on the trail.  They are more intuitive to operate with a driver-friendly clutch system and feature a factory-made 2-up seat that is more comfortable for both the driver and passenger.  Our machines feature grip heaters for both the driver and passenger, a real benefit on cold days.

Snowmobile Tour Pricing

Single Double Ride-a-long*
Half Day Family Friendly$240$340$240
Half Day Advanced$340$475$340
Full Day Tour with lunch at Lone Cone Cabin$675$995$675

*a "ride-a-long" is only needed when there are more children than adults, necessitating one child ride on the back of a guide's snowmobile

FAQs/advice from our experts

What is the best time of year / season to go snowmobiling?

Snowmobile tours are available from late November through early April. 

Can we accommodate additional children?

Yes.  If a party has more children than adults, Telluride Outside will provide what we call a "ride-along" with the additional child riding as a passenger with our guide.  Please make these arrangements by phone with our reservations office.  We charge $240 for this service.

What are the age requirements to go on a snowmobile tour?

16 years to drive a single snowmobile, 21 years to drive a double with a passenger and 6 years to ride as a passenger.

What does Telluride Outside provide on a snowmobile tour?

Snow suits, snow boots and helmets are provided free of charge for all guests who lack these items.

What to wear on a snowmobile tour? What do we need to bring, at bare minimum?

The 3 Gs:  gloves, goggles and a neck/face gaiter (goggles may be purchased at our snow base)

Dress like you're going skiing. A snow suit or snow pants and parka will keep you warm on a wintery ride. Goggles and a neck gaiter are important for safety and comfort. Your snowmobile has heated hand grips, but guests should wear insulated gloves. Warm socks and winter boots are a must. For your convenience, Telluride Outside offers a selection of high quality snow suits and boots for guests who do not have their own at no additional cost.  Guests may purchase high quality goggles at our snow base for approximately $60.

May we use ski helmets on the snowmobile tour?

No, we provide heavier motorsports-rated helmets for all guests.

Is the snowmobile tour suitable for beginners?

Yes, but all participants need to be adequately healthy for a vigorous outdoor activity.

What’s a typical itinerary on a snowmobile tour?

After picking you up at your lodge, we will drive approximately 30 minutes to the Telluride Outside snow base, located at the foot of our trail system on Fall Creek Road.  After donning snow suits, boots and helmets, your guide will present a thorough safety briefing and snowmobile orientation.  Then, we will head out on the trail for your tour, after which we return to Telluride, approximately 30 minutes by van. 

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Accident Repair Policy

Guests are responsible for reimbursing Telluride Outside for damage caused to snowmobiles while on tour.