Guided Rafting Trips

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Lower San Miguel Half-day

8:00 am - noon
1:15 pm - 5:15 pm
Pricing from $120

Upper San Miguel Half-Day*

8:00 am - noon
1:15 pm - 5:15 pm
Pricing from $135

*Upper river trips require high water levels and are typically offered only in June.

Rafting the San Miguel

The San Miguel is an absolute blast for rafters of any experience level! Running the San Miguel requires constant maneuvering and excellent teamwork. Grab a paddle and jump in the raft! Telluride Outside has been rafting the San Miguel for 38 years. Raft with the most experienced guides in Telluride!

Lower San Miguel

Lower River 1/2 Day (class II-III whitewater): Half day trips on class II-III water are available from late May through mid-July or early August most years. Our popular "Lower River" trip launches just thirty minutes downstream from Telluride at Specie Creek and runs 9 miles to the Beaver Creek river access. This section features class II-III whitewater, ideal for beginning and intermediate rafters, families and groups of mixed ability. Our age limit for this trip is 6 years/50lbs. Capacity per boat is 6 paddlers.

Upper San Miguel

Upper River 1/2 Day (class III-III+ whitewater): Our "Upper River" 1/2 day trip launches near Deep Creek, just 6 miles downstream from Telluride, and runs approximately 10 miles west to our take-out site just below Placerville. At higher water flows, this is more intense whitewater than the lower run, with long sections of constant class III rapids and occasional class III+ whitewater. Our age limit for the upper river is 10 years. All participants must be strong swimmers in excellent physical condition.

Rafting Pricing

Per Guest
Lower San Miguel$120
Upper San Miguel$135

FAQs/advice from our experts

What is the season for rafting?

Varies yearly, but generally late May through mid-July.  A short season ends in late June while a long season ends in the first week of August.  [SEASONALITY CHART]

What is the itinerary?

Transport to the river takes about 30 minutes.  Your trip begins with wet suit fitting and a thorough safety talk, which usually takes around 20 minutes.  Guests are assigned to rafts/guides by our trip leader.  Time on the water varies with water flows, but averages about 2 hours throughout the season.  At the take-out, guests are given a few minutes to dry off and potentially use the bathroom before we drive back to your lodge in Telluride.  Door-to-door trip time averages 4 hours.

What is the minimum age/size?

Lower River:  6 years and 50 lbs, no exceptions

Upper River:  10 years and 90 lbs, no exceptions

What does Telluride Outside provide?

Wet suits, river boots, PFDs and helmets are provided for all participants.

What should I wear/bring?

A swimsuit or shorts, snug fitting synthetic shirt (sun protective, fast drying), sunglasses with retainers, dry shirt for post trip.  Avoid heavy cotton, like jeans and heavy sweatshirts.

Can I bring a camera or Go Pro?

Yes, if waterproof.  Some of our helmets have Go Pro fittings.

Can I bring extra stuff in the raft?

Not really.  Your guide has a small dry bag, but not enough capacity to carry personal items for passengers. 

How does transportation work?

We will pick you up at your lodge in one of our high quality, new model vans.  You will be transported to the put-in location on the San Miguel River, where your trip begins.  The same van that transports you to the river will be waiting at the take-out, so you may leave items in the van while on the water. 

What level of swimming ability is required?

All guests must be comfortable around and in the water.  You’ll be wearing a life jacket, but “swimmers” are common enough for us to recommend basic swimming ability for your safety and comfort.